• How to win at Texas Hold’em: useful tips and tricks for new and advanced players

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How to win at Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is a complex poker game that places high demands on the player. To succeed in the game, you need a lot of knowledge and certain skills. Some will say that this is all not true and in poker the one who gets a stronger card wins. First of all, look at the percentage of victories of top players. Sometimes it reaches from 60% to 80%. Do you want to say that they were just lucky to get a strong card many times? These players have honed their poker skills over the years and have made tremendous strides.

Yes, in poker there, like in real money pokies Australia, there is no 100% winning strategy and it is always a game of chance. But there are a number of how to win at Texas Hold’em strategies, tips and secret moves that can increase your odds percentage many times over. Before you start training in Texas Hold’em, first of all you must perfectly learn the rules and combinations. Many newcomers lost money due to the fact that they mixed up, did not notice or forgot combos. Theory is as important as practice.

What to do to always win at Texas Hold’em

As mentioned earlier, a 100% winning strategy for victory does not exist. But adhering to the following How to Win at Texas Hold’em rules is the best way to almost always win:

  1. Know your hand. Do not overestimate yourself if you have pocket fives or underestimate with pocket kings.
  2. Play only the strongest hands. The most reliable strategy that will maximize the chance of winning. Fold if you are unsure of your hand and only go forward with the strongest combos.
  3. Do not be afraid to fold. If in doubt in your hand – fold. It’s better than raising and losing money.
  4. Watch your opponents. Play not only from your own hand, but also from the actions of opponents.
  5. Make money preflop. If you got a good hand, always raise preflop. Other players can only fold and give you BB and SB, or call and lose on the river.
  6. Low and open straights. Do not try to chase straight with low cards or straight with 3-4 cards on the table. There is a big chance to lose.
  7. Do not be fooled by the ego. This game is about math, accurate calculation, odds and percentages, and not about emotions.

Now you feel more confident? And these were only basic secrets and techniques. During the game, you will come up with your own unique strategies that will help you win large pots.

Winning odds in Texas Hold’em

Since Texas Hold’em always uses the same deck of cards, during the game you can know the exact odds percent of a certain combination or victory. For this you need to have a good memory or have a poker hands calculator. Hands calculator is another how to win at Texas Hold’em strategy. If you enter all the hands of a given card + card on the table into the calculator, this will give you exact percentages for winning or chances to get the right combination.

You can use any of the following online calculators for free:

  • Card player.
  • 888 poker calculator.
  • Cards chat.
  • Poker listings.
  • Mobile poker calculator.

All of these services are free and available 24/7. With their help, you can always make the right bets and know the exact calculated odds.

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