• Craps in the casino: the history of the emergence and types of the game

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We present to your attention craps – one of the most exciting and ancient gambling games. It appeared on the street (called street craps) and then moved on to land-based gaming clubs and online venues. In this entertainment, users are attracted by the dynamism of the parties, high chances of winning due to the small advantage of the casino, as well as the ability to use various strategies to achieve success.

The history of the appearance of craps in casinos

The history of craps goes back many centuries, the first mention of this entertainment dates back to the Middle Ages. A number of sources claim that the ancient English game Hazard became the basis for craps entertainment. Other researchers tend to see French roots in the game, namely, the popular street entertainment Crabs, which did not require any special equipment, except for bones and gamblers with money in their pockets. The game gained recognition and a lot of fans thanks to the famous politician and avid gambler from Louisiana, Bernard Xavier Philippe, who introduced it to New Orleans in the late 18th century. The problem faced by the players of the time was the wide field for cheating. Using specially sharpened bones, it was possible to influence the result. To discourage cheating during the game, John Wynn in 1907 proposed an updated version of the entertainment, which is as close as possible to the current craps. An innovation was the emergence of the don’t pass bet sector, on which it was also possible to place bets.

Craps is a gambling entertainment that is characterized by simple but specific rules and allows you to make a profit when betting on money. Players with no experience should start their acquaintance with this game by making basic passline and don’t passline bets, and then they can move on to other types.

Almost all well-known casino software manufacturers have versions of virtual craps. Let’s consider some models that can be easily found on large gaming portals:

  • Craps by Sheriff Gaming stands out among the others with a well-written reference section, a convenient and understandable paytable, as well as the ability to watch a video of the last draw. The game is made in colorful colors, and the control panel is not overloaded with unnecessary elements.
  • Craps by Playtech has a catchy interface, ample betting options and pleasant sound design.
  • Vegas Craps by Microgaming is the power user version. There are almost all types of bets here, and individual settings will allow you to add variety.
  • Craps SP from Cryptologic is characterized by realistic graphics and simplicity. This model will make it easy for beginners to grasp the essence of the game.
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