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Bingo is a game that is more familiar to Europeans and Americans than to residents of the CIS. The game resembles a lotto, understandable to residents of post-Soviet countries: in it you had to fill out a card with numbers, and then wait for a match with the numbers that the presenter pulled out of the bag. The one who was the first to successfully complete his card, shouted “bingo!” and ended the game.

Modern bingo is presented online in the gaming halls of virtual casinos. There are several varieties of the game, there are general rules and their own nuances.

The essence and features of the game

75 or 90 balls are usually involved. The first option is also called 75 Ball Bingo, to participate you need to fill out a card with a grid of five by five sectors. In the second case, tickets are used with nine vertical rows and three horizontal rows. Usually, regardless of the type of game, the letters BINGO are located on one of the columns. Game symbols are not necessarily made in the form of numbers, they can be figures, pictures. There is also a variant with 80 balls, it is called fast, because the field is marked according to the “three by three” system, so the whole process is very dynamic.

Bingo: basic rules and the course of the game

Before starting, you should study the standard rules. They are common to all varieties of the game and may differ only slightly:

  • Each player receives a virtual card (or several) with an individual set of numbers;
  • The type of card, the number of sectors is determined by the bingo variation. If numbers are used as game elements, then they are arranged in ascending order. In a 90-ball game, from “1” to “10” is the first row, from “11” to “21” is the second, and so on.
  • The player fills in the sectors that, in his opinion, can become winning;

After that, the game starts, numbers begin to appear on the screen, you need to check them with your card. The program will automatically highlight matching numbers and combinations.
The winning sectors will be paid according to the paytable of each particular machine. For example, in Bingo from NetEnt (75 balls are used) the game is played on one, two or three cards, depending on the participant’s choice. If the payline is formed on the fifth-eighth move, then the prize amount will be 1000 euros, on the twenty-sixth and further – two euros. This is a standard game with normal conditions, you can start with it. It is available for a fee and in demo mode.

Strategies and recommendations for beginners

Unlike poker, blackjack and baccarat, bingo rarely uses strategies such as raising and lowering rates and counting numbers. However, there is also a theoretical percentage of return here, which means that you can try to play according to a certain system and reduce the advantage of the casino. For this:

  • Choose official casinos with a generous loyalty program. Often, the category of bingo games falls under different promotions, where bonuses, special conditions and large prizes are offered;
  • In a game where the participation of other casino customers is provided (for example, during the drawing of a cumulative jackpot), it is important to know the number of opponents. The required number of purchased tickets will depend on this: the more users – the fewer tickets and, accordingly, the chances of winning;
  • Give preference to games in which you can watch all the current data and statistics. For example, in some bingo, the screen displays the number of balls already drawn;
  • Choose the most popular developments to learn the rules and secrets of the gameplay, and the less popular ones to get real winnings. Software manufacturers often include a low percentage of returns in the most popular models and increase the level of the casino’s advantage. Exotic options may have a non-standard interface and additional rules, but the winning odds will be higher, and the number of people willing to compete for the jackpot will be less.
  • For those who have never played either bingo or lotto before, it is recommended to test different models of machines in a free mode. Before launching, it is advisable to read the brief description and take a look at the table of payments by sector.

The Bingo game is popular and legal both offline and online. Created according to the lotto principle, bingo has simple rules and interesting gameplay. At first, you can place bets at random, over time – based on your own statistics and technical indicators of the machine (the level of return, the format for displaying current data, etc.). The demo version is available on most online casino sites even to unregistered customers.

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