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Beam Sampling System, 190-1550 nm

Beam Sampling System, 190-1550 nm

LBS2-SAM measures laser beams with diameters up to 15mm and powers ranging from 10 mWatts to ~400 Watts on an LBP2 series laser beam profiler.

The beam sampler operates by reflecting the incoming beam from the front surfaces of a pair of wedges through 90 degrees into the camera.
Approximately 99% of the beam is transmitted through the beam sampler with 0.01% passed on to the camera. A set of adjustable ND filters for LBP2-SAM-UV (blue holders), -VIS (green), and -NIR (red) are all provided here to make final intensity adjustments to the beam before it reaches the camera imager. Two beam samplers can be coupled in series providing up to a 10-8 attenuation.
  • Localité : ()
  • Marque : Newport
  • Modèle : LBP2-SAM-BB
  • Matériel transportable : Oui
  • Pays d'émission du matériel : France

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