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ASML Yieldstar Metrology

ASML Yieldstar Metrology

Fast, high-NA scatterometry
YieldStar S-200C is a standalone metrology tool, equipped with a high-NA angle-resolved scatterometry sensor. High-NA scatterometry allows for fast and precise measurements compared to traditional image based solutions. YieldStar measures overlay, mid-CD and side-wall angles of structures down to 20-nm range on monitor and product wafers.
Robust to process variations
Scatterometry is by design principle much more robust to process variations and to marker damage on customer product wafers especially at the edge of the wafer, allowing for very precise on-product overlay and focus measurements per field. Precise measurements will result in precise corrections per field when applied on the scanner, consequently resulting in better on-product overlay and focus performance of the scanner, needed for the most demanding 2013 customer roadmaps.
Support Holistic Lithography
YieldStar S-200C is tailored to seamlessly support the following applications:
• BaseLiner, BaseLiner MMO, cASCAL, Pattern Matcher
• Recipe creations, engineering and back-up of its track-integrated counterpart (YieldStar T-200C) for Overlay Optimizer, Focus Optimizer
• Measurements are performed at highest speed in the industry without sacrificing on precision
  • Localité : Lyon (69000)
  • Modèle : ASML
  • Accessoires : On Demand
  • Matériel transportable : Oui
  • Pays d'émission du matériel : FRA

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