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equipments between scientists and industrials

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The first collaborative site that funds research through research

As a collaborative, connected and secure platform, Rent2Search offers a new source of funding to public and private research players by offering them an innovative service.

Benefit from secure operations

Rent2Search supports you, advises you in the choice of the necessary equipment for your projects and takes care of everything: contract, insurance, secure payments with Crédit Agricole.

Rent your equipment safely: a suitable and solid contractual framework, an insurance systematically covering the equipment during transport and duration of rentals, and guaranteed payments.

The identity of the users is verified, the owners and tenants are evaluated at the end of each transaction.

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Why Rent2Search?

Rent2search, the first collaborative platform for leasing and selling scientific equipment directly between researchers, industrialists and contractors, offers access to a host of cutting-edge equipment at a lower cost.

Thanks to our expertise in marketing and specialized commercial development, we assist you in your search for new opportunities.

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